About Kalpi

Be Good, Be Young

Kalpi is a sparkling fusion drink with mixture of Herbs, Vitamins & Amino acid. Kalpi has a unique modern age flavor that gives refreshing taste, that can be consumed by all age group across the globe. Kalpi is a natural energizer supplies spiritual energy to the body, soul & mind through Holy Ganga water. Kalpi supplements nutrients to the human body through Vitamin B group and Amino acid.

Kalpi has a vision to reach all corners of the world and spread the ancient knowledge that has been imparted to us from our wise ancestors. We want to keep the circle of health rolling for each generation to come provide good health and longevity of good quality life.


Join Kalpi Culture

Our purpose at Kalpi is to fulfill dreams of personal freedom. We have committed to this goal and it remains the foundation for everything we do. However, it’s our family of dealers who ultimately make these dreams come true. Our dealers are ambassadors of the brand and the keepers of the unique Kalpi culture and help to create experiences, memories and a bond that can last a lifetime.

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Our Distributors are our Family. Contact us to be a part of Kalpi.

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